The CIO As Entrepreneur

IT professionals must embrace the change, lead the transformation through innovation

The healthcare market is changing at lightning speed while the pace of innovation—on the technology and organizational fronts—accelerates. As a result, CIOs are witnessing advances in medical innovation, disease treatment, patient management and healthcare technology that they could never have imagined just a few years ago. This state of constant change requires an overhaul of how IT professionals think and act. To survive, they must embrace the new realities and energize their inner entrepreneur. Decisive and accurate action is the mandate of the day as is the right set of nimble partners willing to share the risk. IT leaders realize they are at the precipice of a new era in healthcare IT that will profoundly impact payer and provider organizations. Challenges abound, including decisions about key technologies, security, business processes, data analysis and patient empowerment. Many call the healthcare CIO’s the toughest job in IT today. Others call it a time to be entrepreneurial and exceptional.

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